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Why Metal Chicks Are So Hot and awesome !

How can we live without them ? Who can understand us ! ? ITS THE FEMALE HEADBANGERS ! Who said Metal is only Long haired Men growling and headbanging ? Why Metal Chicks are so hot and awesome ? 1-they got the best Taste in music ! its Heavy MeTal ! 2-Short Skirts,Tight pants, heeled boots, platform […]

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Top 10 Death Metal Album of all Time

10-Deicide-Deicide The album was important to the progression of death metal, due to its then-unmatched brutality and the vocal stylings.. Deicide is one of the forefathers of the Death Metal genre  Focusing on Anti-Semitic and Satanic lyrics and this album It was really the start of brutal vocals that tore the Vocalists throat to shreds 9-Nile- Amongst […]

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Bob Larson vs Necrobutcher from Mayhem Full Exorcism Documentary

That Was Really Fuuny ! FTW  Mayhem  boYS Dont worry guys next album will be not Christian rock ! 😉  

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