Why Metal Chicks Are So Hot and awesome !

How can we live without them ? Who can understand us ! ?


Who said Metal is only Long haired Men growling and headbanging ?

Why Metal Chicks are so hot and awesome ?

1-they got the best Taste in music ! its Heavy MeTal !

2-Short Skirts,Tight pants, heeled boots, platform heels and  ripped shirts The Really Know How To Dress !

3- If You mess with them ! they will throw You Down Really Hard !

4-They rarely buy their own drinks:)!

5-Dark makeup is super sexy and mysterious Evil !

6-They Tells it like its is,and dont give a shit.

7-They Loyal as Hell to Their Man !

8-They really Hard To Find .

9-Most of them  have long Darky hair!

10-Who else can Understands You Then a Metal chicks ! Im talking about the real Metalhead !

How To Be a Metal Chick !

1- Be yourself Dont Copy others ! Get Your Own style

2- grow out your hair!

3- get the Short Skirts,Tight pants, heeled boots, platform heels and  ripped shirts  🙂

4-Get a very large music library. Some people aren’t going to believe you !  try to read every genre in metal

5-Listen to metal music  and  Go to their concerts  !

6-Always proud of your self and your music

7-if you feel offended by misogynistic lyrics, you will be offended by a lot of Death Metal band like Cannibal Corpse ! So Dont Start with Death or black metal !

8-start with the classic bands

9-always ask and talk in metal concert ! this will Give you alot of metal friends

10- play some instrument like a guitar or drum or Sing if you have a good voice !



Dont You Ever look like barbes !

Run if You See  justin bieber Or Kill Him If You Can !

Always respect your community!

Keep this in Your Mind ! Metal is not a fashion. It’s a way of life


best metal bands with a female lead singer


Genres : Symphonic Metal,progressive metal

 Arch Enemy

Genres : Melodic death metal, thrash metal


Genres: Symphonic metal, gothic metal,power metal

Lacuna coil

Genres:Gothic metal and alternative Metal

The Agonist


Holy Moses

Genres:black metal and Thrash metal


Genres: Alternative metal,Hard rock,Post-grunge
Orphan hate
Genre:Melodic Thrash and death metal
Virgin Black

 Genre:Doom/Gothic/Symphonic Metal


2 Responses to “Why Metal Chicks Are So Hot and awesome !”

  1. Hi there! tks a lot for this article, I’m a female singer metalhead (proud to be) and is so awesome to read this type of stuff! Tks for the info as well, you posted some bands I didn’t listen to yet…so now I’m going to look for them! Lots of metal hugs and kisses!! ¬m/

  2. In the “best bands” section….forgot about Halestorm

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