Mastodon The Hunter Review

I thought “Crack the Skye” couldn’t be beaten. But the Hunter Is Here !

What can i say about the Best album so far in 2011 ! ya its  Mastodon from slower progressive metal to the  thrashier roots while also being a step forward into new territory, The band keeps going places you don’t expect and  its was hard to guess in just which direction they would go.

doomy sounding guitar and fast fuck drums with some classic thrash Riffs will be the (Black Tongue)  the first song released in this album features  Sanders best vocal work in this album . long-winded and heartfelt guitar solos will be all over the album especially on the hunter Track !..track like( The Sparrow) is extremely personal between sadness and happiness and whats makes the song weightier and more real is the vocal melodies controlled by the major instruments key

experimental music got the Cake in this album track like (Stargasm) features tons of sampled voices, lots of keyboard effects!

i Killed a man cause he killed my Goat ! Yes ! its (Curl of the Burl) follows with a hefty groovy Riffs it has a heavy Stoner Rock influence with Alot of Rock element will be in this track or this album!

Its Not about metal and rock influence! they also share the cake with jazz influence with track (Thickening)

Mastodon outdone themselves with The Hunter keep this in mind it will sound for the most part nothing like previous albums

Track Listing

1. “Black Tongue”

2. “Curl of the Burl”

3. “Blasteroid”

4. “Stargasm”

5. “Octopus Has No Friends”

6. “All the Heavy Lifting”

7. ‘”The Hunter”

8. “Dry Bone Valley”

9. “Thickening”

10. “Creature Lives”

11. “Spectrelight”

12. “Bedazzled Fingernails”

13. “The Sparrow”


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  1. i agree with every part !

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